Age of Speed 2

Age of Speed 2 picks up where the first Age of speed left off as far as the features and etc. are concerned. In order to play this racing game on your PC online, your browser must have the Adobe Shockwave Player. This 3D racing game is about as good as it gets in the racing genre of online video games.

This game has everything from awesome graphics to cool looking cars and tracks (even the loops look great like in the first and original game). Now, I have to go through some of the negatives first.

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I hate to always start with the negatives; however, most of the readers alwaysdeep down WANT me to start with them so here it goes. Even though the graphics of this game far outweigh the graphics of the original, with a game of this magnitude, especially in 3D, the graphics should be way more conducive to the speed of the game.

The speed of the game is not an issue, but the graphics sort of have to catch up with the speed to make for a better driving experience. Another drawback to this game from a lot of critics is that this game doesn’t play on Mac computers due to the Shockwave Player plug-ins.

In saying all of that, the positives in this game far outweigh the positives in the original Age of Speed. In the original Age of Speed, users and players from all walks of life were very prone to crashing no matter what, but in this game, the reaction time and ability to move with the key pads are far more efficient this go around. I invite you to also check out the other Age of Speed games on our website. Then, you can decide which one of them is your favorite one. Try playing the games with your friends and see who is better. These games are super addicting – so be careful :)

I am sure the developers took the time to listen to some of the complaints of the first game and decided to make adjustments on the fly to make this game an even better game than the original and with the flaws, the original was still awesome. Another positive to this game is that the cars look way better (not even close or a comparison with the first game: they are way more superior!). The corkscrew features LOOK much better and the odd angles that was lacking in the first game when it came to the cars is just sick in this game.

The driving is also smooth as heck unlike the first game where it was kind of hard for a lot of users to navigate most of the time. That issue was definitely fixed this go around. One cool feature about this game is that you have missiles you can pick up from time to time.

Now on to the controls of Age of Speed 2. The controls of Age of Speed 2 are similar to the controls of the original game Age of Speed. You are going to have to use the left arrow key to go left, right arrow key to go right, up arrow key to go ahead, down arrow key to reverse. The spacebar in this game is used for powering the car up, which is different than the first game. The goals of this game is similar to the goals of the original in that you are on futuristic racetracks that twirl and go in many different directions on the Saturn Raceway.

You have to try and out race many other drivers and come in first place each and every time in order to win the championship. For any gamer this game is a must play, especially if you played the original since this one is far superior to the original. I would recommend this game to everyone to play and give it an overall 4.5 stars out of 5 stars.

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