Age of Speed 1

The original version of Age of Speed is a really great game to play. In order to play this racing game on your PC online, your browser must have the Adobe Shockwave Player. Some people complained about how long the game took to load, but it loaded up pretty quickly for me (I suppose it depends on the browser you are using). This 3D racing game is about as good as it gets in the racing genre of online video games.

This game has everything from good graphics to great looking tracks and cars (even the loops look beautiful). Now, I have to go through some of the negatives first.

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Even though the game is in 3D, some of the boards look as if they are part of the same make-up, which any gamer already knows is a no go most of the time (yes, you have to be really solid in this area to make it work). Now I will talk about the cars that this game has to offer. Throughout this game, you have the choice to choose from four different cars and believe me, this is usually a strength for any racing car game online.

BUT, even though you get to choose from four different cars, they all ride the same and there are no differences between them. Now, with most games that feature more than one car, normally there are differences between them and the way that they drive. Not to mention, they will also have the ability to do different things from time to time depending on the circumstances. This game dropped the ball big time on this feature and could use a lot of improvement in this particular area.

The positives to this game are that for one it is in 3D. As we gamers all know, that is almost always a good thing, especially in regards to racing. Even though the game is not that long in duration, it is still fun as heck which puts it a nod over most short games. Most short games couldn’t get away with being short, but this one can and it is very addicting and a good time killer for the folks sitting at work on their computers bored out of their minds.

As I said above, the ability to be able to choose from four different cars is a great thing…if only there were differences between them, but the ability to be able to change every now and then certainly cannot hurt.

The controls are easy to remember which is always a plus for any online PC game where people don’t want to think too hard about how to play or what they are doing, just wanting fun in the process and easy controls make that very easy. Now, some critics kill this game for the controls while simple, are sometimes unresponsive at times (which is always bad for any game, especially a racing game), but I never had those issues and I can be terrible at times.

You have to use the usual up, down, left, and right keys to really get stirring in the right direction. Of course, you have the brake and reverse keys as well, which I used the spacebar for brake and the down key for reverse.

The goal of this game is to play four different race tracks for the championship and master the tracks of the future (looks like something out of the Transformers…could be the 3D that has that effect). I would highly recommend playing this game, even with all of the flaws that the game has. I would rate this game at least 3.5 stars out of 5. Not that great and not that bad.


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