Age of Speed 3

Age of Speed 3 – Age Of Speed Underworld  is an action packed fast paced game that keeps you on the edge of your seat for the full ride, every step of the way. The developers of this game really took to heart the criticisms of the prior two games of Age of Speed 1 and 2 and created the near perfect racing game to make matters better (also while giving you and myself a quick and easy breather).

This game is different from the prior two games in features and also contains a brand new shop where you can buy more points, new cars with new features on each of them, and designing your car as well. So this series has come a long way since the first installment of the game and series.

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Also, you can play with about 10 different cars in this game, which makes for more time and fun on the game due to having more ground to cover (you hardcore gamers get what I am saying here). I personally enjoyed the design a car feature mode to be the greatest asset I have seen out of any online PC game and it is genius for flash to come up with this unique idea. Sometimes playing this game, I almost forgot that I wasn’t playing Need for Speed (definitely a good sign for the designers and developers).

I always start with the negatives first, but for this one, I’ll start with the positives. This game has major and several strengths in total. For one, the design a car mode is the single best feature I have ever seen on any flash game online in any game, even across genres. This move was sheer genius and I can’t help but think that this maybe a trend for most online PC games to follow in the years moving ahead.

Age of Speed 3

Not only is the 3D spectacular and this time around the cars also are in tuned with the graphics (unlike the prior two games in this series), but it probably out shadows even the speed of this game which is always a plus sign for flash games as that can be the most difficult part. I mean really, there are so many positives to this game that you’ll notice them all within the first few minutes of the game. Another huge positive is that you also get to choose from ten different tracks as opposed to the standard four race tracks (even includes Daytona Speedway for you NASCAR hunks!).

The negatives of this game is far, few and between. I really had to nit-pick and reach a little bit to find something here, but with a game like this that hit the hammer on the head in so many spots, I wonder why this game and the developers did not come up with a few more ideas about the track itself as it can be somewhat bland at times and not really enough creativity with the tracks.

Age of Speed

The race tracks are a little different, but the middle and ends seem way more similar to the prior two games that it kind of makes you wonder what this game could accomplish with even better tracks than before. I feel that this game could be made better by offering us more original tracks, better music as the music in this game was somewhat horrible (even the first two had better music, which tells you how bad this one is in that regard). However, this game is so awesome that you’ll have an easy time looking past all of the negatives.


In short, I would recommend this game to all players, especially the ones who think they are the greatest at racing as this one is very challenging, but it gives you more toys so to speak to work with. I give it overall 4.8 stars out of 5.

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