Age of Speed 4

Age of Speed 4 is dynamic in just about every way possible. This series has come a long ways from the first Age of Speed not having anything flexible to work with other than the cool tracks and different cars (even if they all worked the same and did nothing differently), to now having in this new game over 20 different cars to work with, with most having completely different features, strengths and weaknesses.

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That is something most of us diehard racing fans have been asking for all the time and it is nice to see how far this game has developed since first originating.

Age of Speed has different characters or drivers in this case, different cars , and different venues (Grand Canyon is even one of them! Oh, imagine driving through the desert of all places…oh wait, you don’t have to anymore so this alone is worth playing this game.

Age of Speed 4

The music is awesome as it contains a lot of old rock hits from the 70s and 80s (just can’t beat that) and the infamous design your own car is still available with even more advanced and better equipment, boosters and car designs. There are way too many positives to name and this is by far the best game on the internet and for anyone who has played already, there is no debate as they already no.

This game is similar to Xbox 360 games in that it is not about the racing strictly anymore, but how you look doing it and this game makes you look like a million bucks (at least when you are doing it right). Everything is the same from the prior games, just enhanced a bit and I would recommend playing this game and I have to say that I am extremely in love with this auction packed affair. I give this game 5 stars out of 5 stars. The originality, graphics, music, and cars just make it near perfect, or perfect in this case.

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