Age of Speed Walkthrough

Age of Speed is an action theme affair that keeps you on your toes the entire way through. One look away and you are crashing head on with someone else. I have to say that the series to this game got off to a slow start, even though the game itself was always worth playing and a good time killer for people like me who bore easily.

I have to give credit to Age of Speed for one reason; this game has always been easy for newbie’s to catch on due to simplistic controlling that the game provides. Age of Speed is relatively easy in that the up arrow is for going forward, the down arrow is for going backwards, the left arrow is for going left, and the right arrow is for going right. Yeah, I know common sense, but the kicker is the spacebar key is used for powering up in the latter games of this series and for braking in the initial and first game.

Your task is to follow the futuristic race tracks (and they are awesome and beautiful at the same time and that can be a detraction some of the time so watch out for that). You also have to be careful for cars just coming out of nowhere in the first game of this Age of Speed series.

It was extremely easy to crash your car in the first installment of this series, but that is what makes this series so compelling at the same time and for the same reason. This game really test how good of a driver you are and really tests how good your mechanics and reaction time is due to unforeseen cars popping up out of nowhere (of course depends on how fast you are going to). You have four different tracks and if you defeat everyone in all four, then you win the championship. Very solid game and definitely worth playing.

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