Earn to Die Super Wheel

If you are looking for a game with high-paced, zombie action, then we have the perfect game for you!  Earn to Die: Super Wheel places the player in middle of the desert in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse.  Your goal is simple: GET TO THE CHOPPA!  It will not be easy, however.  You will have to make it through hordes of zombies first!  Luckily, you have a few cars that you can trick out to your liking.


The gameplay of Earn to Die Super Wheel is very fast-paced and exciting.  In order to reach the helicopter on the other side of the map, you have to drive a vehicle through hordes of zombies.  The goal is to get as far as you can with each successive trial.  After each run through, you are awarded with cash that can be used to upgrade your vehicle’s gun, tires, engine, or suspension; or you can buy a new vehicle if you wish!  It is up to you how you choose to customize your vehicles, but choose how you spend your hard-earned cash wisely.  Through successive trials, you will persevere!

Challenge Mode:

Earn to Die: Super Wheel’s challenge mode is unlocked after beating the main game.  With challenge mode, you pick a budget (one of the three vehicles) and have three days to get as far on the track as possible.  This mode serves as a great way to challenge friends or family to see who is the greatest player at this exciting game!

Earn to die

Tips and Tricks:

During my time playing Earn to Die  Super Wheel (and many other Earn to Die games to be honest) , I came across a number of strategies that could serve as useful tricks for new players.  Although the game can be difficult, these difficulties can easily be overcome with proper upgrade strategies.  What I found to be the most useful upgrade was the tires.  By upgrading the tires of your vehicle, you are able to better navigate the difficult terrain of the desert.  After each upgrade, you instantly notice increased smoothness in your vehicle’s navigation as your car glides easily over rocks and hills.  This upgrade, in combination with the also important engine upgrade, will allow you to move much quicker than before, and clear the game!


Up: Accelerate
Left: Lean Car Back
Right: Lean Car Forward
Down: Brake
Control: Boosters

Age Rating:

Due to the somewhat graphic nature of this game, it is not recommended for children under the age of thirteen (without parental consent).  Both the goal and content of the game garner this recommendation.  The goal of the game is to mow and shoot down zombies, which is both a little violent and bloody.  This should not sway people from playing the game, however.  Indeed, the game is very fun and will be enjoyed by teens and adults alike!

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